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This February 2024 webinar overviews the release of the Golden State Pathways Program (GSPP) Request for Applications for Planning & Implementation as an individual organization or as a Consortium and how to ensure GSPP results in enduring and equitable outcomes for California’s youth.

Access a host of dual enrollment resources rich with real-life examples in California, including student stories and a playlist of student voices on this topic. This Career Ladders Project webpage also links to research and tools that can build understanding of the efficacy of dual enrollment and bring it to life in your learning community.

This workbook and planning resource helps you bring complex systems together in service of young people. It offers several mapping exercises to identify, assess, and plan opportunities to better integrate college and career readiness efforts happening in your community—and leverage new investments to strengthen and scale them for widespread student success.

This April 2023 webinar introduced Fast Forward California and discussed the types of high-quality, seamless student experiences that lead to college completion, meaningful employment, and equitable outcomes, and what such experiences take.

A detailed report on the extent to which California’s community colleges are serving Black, Native, and Latinx students through dual enrollment.

This tool is a companion to the Jumpstart report from The Education Trust—West. Within the tool, there are maps that give a visual representation of racial equity in dual enrollment participation across California’s high school and community college districts (CCDs), specifically for Latinx, Native, and Black students.

The Golden State Pathways Program calls eligible grant applicants to apply an evidence-based framework such as Linked Learning. These certification standards are a great place to start.

An overview of dual enrollment, including its benefits, the types of programs available, and how to enroll. This one-page tool from Education Trust—West is available in English and Spanish.

This two-page resource from Education Trust—West guides vision- and goal-setting, partnership, and recruitment efforts for K–12 and community college district leaders ready to make dual enrollment more accessible in their communities.

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